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Why Fracking is becoming a Thing of the Future

Hydraulic fracturing commonly referred to as fracking is a relatively new technology used in the extraction of gas and oil. Fracking involves drilling deep down the earth's crust in areas suspected to have deposits of oil and shale gas where other extraction techniques cannot be used or unable to reach. To successfully reach shale gas and oil deposits high pressurized water is injected into the earth crust that loosens rock chips making it possible to access the black gold. Fracking water is normally mixed with sand and special chemicals that fracking firms have refused to disclose to the public. Fracking has become popular recently primarily because of its ability to access oil and gas pockets where other methods have failed. However, there are more reasons why fracking is taking shape, and we have outlined here some of those reasons so continue reading this article.

Besides easy access to more oil and gas afforded by fracking, this method contributes low taxes. This is true because when oil and gas are readily available they become cheap. This contributes to low taxes on essential products such as cooking gas, car petrol, diesel, and other services that directly or indirectly rely on oil and natural gases in their operations.

As we have observed fracking gives access to more gasses and oil which means a country can produce enough to sustain itself. Becoming self-dependent is a key to the sovereignty of any nation and oil and gases have always been at the center of manipulation in geopolitics. Most international relations with influential and powerful nations have everything to do with who has the most access to black gold. Therefore accessing sufficient fossil fuels in your country can go a long way in protecting your nation supremacy from geopolitical manipulation that can erode your country’s integrity.

The other reason why fracking is touted as the best is that it’s contributing to good air quality. Fracking has been discouraged because it has been viewed as polluting the environment due to chemicals the process emits into the atmosphere. This is mainly associated with coal mining which is among the cons of fracking. However, access to more fossil fuels reduces the over-reliance of coal energy consequently minimizing carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere hence reducing the negative impacts on the environment. Learn more about fracking companies in Texas. The truth is fossil fuel gas is quite cleaner compared to other sources of energy such as charcoal and coal and the more people start to use it the quality of air will go up significantly.

It is worth mentioning that fracking companies have employed thousands of staff. The jobs provide a source of living to many families and this sector is expected to grow in near future creating more job opportunities. However, it is also good to mention that using fracking without environmental sustainability in mind can significantly impact our natural surroundings. Fracking can contribute to increased water pollution because it requires a lot of water to drill as well as less focus on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Those are some of the reasons fracking is becoming popular in the mining and excavation sector.

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